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To all of you concerned and involved, As you know Asian carp spawning ratio is greater during high river level, river level normally decrease late spring and throughout the summer leaving the entire Mississippi basin water-ways with an alarming growing  Asian carp population …. year after year. This includes our beautiful Louisiana state fragile rivers… Read More

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April 13, 2016 Silverfin Wine Dinner for LA Natural Resources Committee With the help of Liz Mangham at Southern Strategy Group, Chef Philippe Parola and other Chefs cooked and served a Silverfin (aka Asian Carp) Wine Dinner hosted by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association for the Louisiana Natural Resources Committee in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in April.… Read More

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February 29, 2016 WVLA NBC 33 TV Asian Carp Invasion Featuring Chef Philippe Parola (2 part video, scroll down for both parts)  

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December, 2015 ZAGAT on Asian carp are known as an invasive species due to their aggressive nature and rapid growth, but one Louisiana chef is offering a unique solution when it comes to fighting back. Watch as Zagat travels to central Louisiana to investigate how chef Philippe Parola’s “can’t beat ’em, eat ’em” strategy… Read More

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Invasive fish solution: Eat them; chef promoting processing plant as means to promote Asian carp consumption

April, 2015 The Advocate, Amy Wold Invasive fish solution: Eat them; chef promoting processing plant as means to promote Asian carp consumption

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December, 2015 CBS News

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Excerpt from Letter (2016)

Preserving Louisiana’s waterways and abundant fishing resources are of the utmost importance to me and I want to let you know that the Department stands ready to assist you in your efforts in any way possible and we support your ongoing research and solutions for dealing with this invasive species.

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Excerpt from Letter (2015)

The potential economic impacts of Asian carp to Mississippi’s recreational and commercial fisheries are of great concern… I appreciate your willingness to address the problem that has spread throughout the Mississippi River Valley by developing a commercial fishery and value added products. I also support your plan to develop and market food products from these species that may generate new businesses and new jobs.

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After working with silver carp with Chef Philippe, I find its applications almost limitless in regard to its use as a fish or crab product. I think Chef Philippe’s plan to create a market for human consumption for the fish is an amazing opportunity in a world that needs to seriously explore every possible, clean sustainable food source. Silver carp, aka Silverfin™, is easy to match with many flavors. It has a pleasant texture and when people talk about fish flavors and textures they usually find less oily and less fish flavored fish more appealing – Silverfin™ certainly has those attributes.

We have a huge problem with Asian carp. Being a scientist, I have access to long term data that shows our native species are being deleteriously influenced by the Asian carp. I foresee harvesting them as one way we can knock down the population and at the same time, ensure the sustainability of the native species for future generations to enjoy. I don’t want to see our natural resources die. My passion for this solution is to ensure that our native species persist for future generations. I belabor this point because it is so important.

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