Words of Support

Charlie Melancon, Secretary, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Excerpt from Letter (2016) Preserving Louisiana’s waterways and abundant fishing resources are of the utmost importance to me and I want to let you know that the Department stands ready to assist you in your efforts in any way possible and we support your ongoing research and solutions for dealing with this invasive species. Read… Read More

Mark Oliver, Chief of Fisheries, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Excerpt from letter (2011) I would like to express my appreciation for your assistance in our effort to educate the public about the table qualities of silver carp. Your demonstrations at the Mississippi River Basin Panel/National Aquatic Task Force workshops in Little Rock this month were educational and very well received by the attendees. I… Read More

Michael Johnson, Executive Chef, Centerplate at Safeco Field

Excerpt from Letter (2014) Being an avid fisherman I’ve seen first hand the vast amount of natural resources invasive species of fish and animals have taken from the communities they invade. I understand the need for balance in the ecosystem. Chef Philippe Parola and I have had many conversations concerning the matter and more specifically… Read More

Robert “Robbie” Walker, Owner, Louisiana Seafood Exchange, Inc.

Excerpt from Letter (2013) As an owner of the largest multi-varietal seafood processor, wholesaler and distributor in the Gulf coast area, I believe there is a strong need for another source of indigenous seafood like the Asian carp aka Silverfin™, for not only here in Louisiana but the nation as well. Our company, like many others… Read More

Robert J. Barham, Secretary, Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries, LA

Excerpt from Letter (2011) Your attempt to establish a new business and subsequent employment opportunities by developing a commercial fishery for Asian carp is the next step in Louisiana’s fight against these destructive fish. I applaud your innovation and your willingness to address a problem that impacts thousands of residents across Louisiana whose recreational fishing… Read More