Mission and Goals

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Our Partners and Advisory Team

Chef Philippe Parola joined together an amazing group of human beings who are not only core advisors, but collectively they are the Silverfin™ Group. They hail from a wide spectrum of fields, including finance, law, medicine, science, fisheries and wildlife, culinary arts, food processing and distribution, graphic design and marketing. Meet the team here. They have committed their time, energy, talents, resources and passion to put into action our mission and goals, and create demand in domestic markets.

quinton phelps hols asian carp
Dr. Quinton Phelps, fisheries biologist at the Missouri Department of Conservation and Silverfin™ Marketing Group Advisory Team member.


To provide financial incentives and resources to commercial fishermen to efficiently harvest Asian carp; and to use green technology to transform these wild caught fish into Silverfin™ value-added natural protein food products, for human consumption in domestic markets. By doing so, we will greatly reduce the Asian carp population and their threat to our environment, economy and lives.

Goals – a comprehensive response to the Asian carp crisis

  • Construct an eco-friendly food processing and research and development plant which utilizes ‘green’ technologies to minimize our environmental footprint. Our R&D efforts will focus on three key areas: 1) nutritional value; 2) recipe development and evaluation; and 3) marketing strategies to bring products to the food marketplace.
  • Preserve our natural resources and ensure safe waterways
  • Nourish our country and improve our health through wild caught, clean, natural high protein fish
  • Boost our domestic economies, and save and create jobs
  • Provide financial incentives and resources to revitalize inland commercial fisheries, and preserve sport fisheries and recreation

We have ambitious goals, but they are not meant to eradicate this menacing costly fish. Eradication is simply not possible. Rather, our goals are meant to reduce and manage the population of Asian carp and their threat to our native habitats and lives by providing a new healthy delicious fish to US consumers. We must learn to live with these fish while controlling their threat.

Creating demand: The Silverfin™ brand

Creating consumer demand by transforming Asian carp, an infamous trash fish, into an affordable delicacy for human consumption is no easy task. To start, we gave the fish a fresh brand identity – Silverfin™. But Silverfin™ must also match the perceived quality of the name.

Chef Philippe possesses the skills to prepare the fish. With the help of his Silverfin™ Group, he has developed a unique technique to de-bone this wild caught fish and transform it into delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable value-added fish products. Combine this with Chef Philippe’s business and public relations savvy to propel demand for Silverfin™ across the country, and we have a sure fired recipe for success.

Target markets

We are targeting domestic food markets including catering, retail grocers and restaurants; and we will feed our hungry, our school children, and our military. Our partnership with a leading distributor will allow us to deliver Silverfin™ fish products throughout the US.

silver flyers 2 team
Jumping Silver, photo courtesy of Ted Lawrence, Great Lakes Fishery Commission
fishing m and g 450
Louisiana fisherman sets out to net Asian carp
Silverfin™ Cakes, recipe by Chef Philippe Parola

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