Important Asian Carp News from Chef Philippe


To all of you concerned and involved,

As you know Asian carp spawning ratio is greater during high river level, river level normally decrease late spring and throughout the summer leaving the entire Mississippi basin water-ways with an alarming growing  Asian carp population …. year after year.
This includes our beautiful Louisiana state fragile rivers and lakes echo-system, especially the Atchafalaya basin best known for out-door activities from recreational & commercial fishing, bird watching to boating and water-sport activities.
In the last few weeks I received many calls from people getting injured from jumping carp while boating, fishing or frogging at night. One of those calls got my full attention as I have 2 young daughters that love fishing and water-sport activities:
South Louisiana resident, Andrew Gaudet 6 years old daughter was water tubing along with his friend Owen Rivere in Grand Lake, (part of the Atchafalaya basin) when a 20 lbs Asian carp jumped up and hit Andrew above his right hear causing a knot on his head, the fish landed in the tube hurting the little girl who was brought off to shore for further care, everyone ended up with minors injuries. This incident happen on June 12.
A few days later, Mr. Tim Cox 18 years old daughter got hit in the face by another Asian carp while water-skiing in Lake Veret, near Pierre Part, La..she ended up with minor concussion and a black eye.
As I am reaching out, this is a warning to all of us, hopping that none of our kids will loose their life while having fun in our rivers and lakes this summer or next……
Chef Philippe Parola

PO. Box 84524
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Direct + 225 315 5111

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